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Source Code

The source is now available on

BizTalk Control Center (BCC) Documentation

  1. All the documentation is in PDF files which are available for download.
  2. Agent Settings - BizTalk Control Center (BCC) Agent settings
  3. Reports - BCC - Artifact Status - Reports & Message Statistics Live - BCC_Message_Statistics
  4. E-mails - BCC_Agent_Alert_emails
  5. Task Management System - BCC_Task_Management_System

BizTalk Control Center (BCC) Speedcode Navigation System



Speedcode chart for Instant access


BizTalk Control Center (BCC) Speedcode Video Demonstration

How to configure BCC for a specific BizTalk application

  1. Modify the user profile(DefaultUserProfile.xml) which is located in App_Data folder.
  2. While Logged in as "Admin" user, create a new user (optional: give the user admin role). Creating a new user will automatically apply the profile to that user.
  3. Login into BCC with the new user you just created in the previous step. Use the BCC default password : P@ssw0rd

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